Vernon "Yellow Culture"

Yellow Culture is a very special person and, as a rasta, he knows a lot about love, peace and respect. You will be touched by him and the way he can spread joy and wisdom. He is also a D.J., in the Jamaican term of the word, that is an entertainer. And of one thing you can be sure: he will entertain you in every possible way. He will delight you with his music and that of his huge collection of Jamaican artists. He will take you to secret beaches in gemlike bays, tell you about all different flowers and trees and explain you about bush medicine. He will prepare you gourmet dinners of the Jamaican tradition that you'll never forget.
When you leave Jamaica you'll know what One Love is about.

Rosanna is Italian. She has studied and worked for many years in New York and Miami and has travelled all over the Caribbean as a travel consultant. In 1995 she started teaching English and American Literature in Firenze, Italy. Then in the year 2000 she finally went on holiday to Jamaica, an island she had always neglected to visit. She discovered that Jamaica is not only a beautiful tropical island but a Country with a strong identity and cultural depth. And it was love at first sight. She had found the island of her dreams, the perfect fusion of natural beauty and spirituality. Later she met Yellow Culture and that's how Search-Me-Heart was born.
Rosanna, like Culture, loves to take care of her guests and sometimes she spoils them. She is happy when people tell her that at Search-Me-Heart they feel like at home. She will certainly do her best to make your vacation an unforgettable experience.


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