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Search-Me-Heart is located on the sea in Drapers, a little fishing village embraced by lush vegetation of tropical fruit trees, flames of the forest, bamboos, ferns, bananas and wild orchids.
Drapers is just minutes away from Port Antonio, capital of Portland.
Our area is breathtakingly beautiful and it certainly offers the best of Jamaica. It's the perfect place to dive into nature.
Here you can spend lazy days in the most enchanting beaches and hidden coves where the tropical forest meets the most cristal-clear sea.
You can hike the Blue Mountains or raft down the Rio Grande River. Visit the Reich Falls or dive in the emerald green waters of the Blue Lagoon. Or just snorkel in the silence of the nearby cove.

Search-Me-Heart is so conveniently located that you can walk to Frenchman's Cove (10 minutes), San San Beach and the Blue Lagoon.
Drapers beach with a beautiful coral reef is just nearby.

Beach in Jamaica, Blue Lagoon

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